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December 30, 2003
AIBO version 3 robot teachers get nearer

From time to time I put up a posting here about the long-term educational significance of robots. This significance is huge. Sometimes, commenters here or in conversation tell me I'm wrong. It'll never catch on, they say. But it will. I'm right. They're wrong.

The deservedly world famous AIBO for example, if the Sony Corporation sticks with it (which the Sony Corporation shows every sign of doing), is absolutely bound to bond with small children sooner or later, and then think what that might lead to. That it might not all be good, I concede at once. That important things along these lines are somewhere in the human future seems to me only a matter of time and effort, both of which are inevitable short of a seriously big nuclear war or other catastrophe.

Here's a slice of a Telegraph report from before Christmas. I apologise for the better-late-than-never nature of this link, but better late than never.

The introduction of the Sony AIBO robotic pet that acts as your best friend and which can be set to sleep at certain times and knows when it needs to be charged marks a significant step forward in robotic technology. The first Sony AIBO was introduced in the UK in 1999 and represented a vision to combine technology with Artificial Intelligence to create an entertaining companion.

The third generation ERS-7 AIBO boasts enhanced communication skills and new levels of functionality and is evolving from a source of fascination and entertainment into a more functional, endearing companion aiming to facilitate interaction between humans and robots. It opens up a world of possibilities for enthusiasts and it is a notable step forward in the development of artificial intelligence as well as domestic robots.

A world of possibilities indeed, and not just for "enthusiasts".

See also ASIMO, which I also commented on here.

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The third generation AIBO ERS-7 was released in November 2003.

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