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January 23, 2004
Short story by Jackie D about a drunk kindergarten teacher

My friend Jackie D has written a short story entitled DIERESIS. I think it's called DIERESIS anyway, although that could just be a subheading. It is about a drunk kindergarten teacher.

If I understand the situation correctly, the story couldn't be called "The Drunk Kindergarten Teacher", because this story is part of a collective blogosphere-based attempt to write lots of Drunk Kindergarden Teacher stories. No, I don't quite understand that either.

Dieresis apparently means this. This is presumably a reference to the name of the story's other central protagonist, who is called Zoe with two dots over the e.

You learn something new every day. Even if you knew this particular thing already, that remains true as a general principle. If you don't, you should.

Comment Number One at Jackie D's posting of this goes thus: "Hey that was kind of twisted! I liked it." So, you have been warned.

Unlike many "short" stories, this one actually is quite short. So if you regret reading it, you won't regret having spent very long reading it.

Moral (for me): teachers can sometimes be extremely nasty and peculiar.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 03:35 PM
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The Drunk Kindergarten Teacher Writing Challenge (which I call that only to amuse myself -- it works for me) came about when a reader of my friend Nancy Rommelmann's blog made some offhand remark about an alcoholic kindergarten teacher she'd had. Nancy replied that that sounded like a good character for fiction, and I said, "Hey, let's both write stories about a drunk kindergarten teacher!"

It wasn't a rule that one could only spend an hour writing and editing the thing, but that's how it ended up for both of us. That leads to not-quite-right endings, but stops you from pausing to obsess about little things and helps you to get on with just writing.

Comment by: Jackie D on January 23, 2004 03:52 PM
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