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January 29, 2004
Indian launches an edusat

It seems that wherever you look, you find good news about India, and about India's economic development. That India is now busily taking computer jobs away from Americans has been one of the big world economic stories of the last six months.

Here's more news of India pushing ahead, this time in the form of an educational satellite:

BANGALORE: Teaching over 20,000 students at a single go is no mean task. But making it possible and making classrooms barrierless will be India's Edusat the world's first dedicated education satellite to be launched by India.

A pilot project of Edusat, that will provide satellite-based distance education, was launched in Karnataka on Wednesday.

While Edusat (Gsat-3) is to be launched in June this year, a pilot project has already been launched to test its efficacy. It will presently run on the Insat -3B, already in orbit. Chief Minister S.M.Krishna launched the pilot project in Bangalore on Wednesday with a live conference across Mysore and Bellary.

In the first phase around 70 engineering colleges of the Visveswaraiah Technological University (VTU) will be linked to multicast interactive multimedia.

I know, I know, a "Chief Minister" launched the damn thing. But that doesn't necessarily mean that he will be in charge of it. After all, the Indian public sector doesn't yet have the silly money to waste that is the basis of all the West's educational failures nowadays. With luck, there'll be plenty of greed and selfishness involved in the management of this new wonder gadget.

How soon before the Indian education business goes global, by which I mean so global that it becomes the next big economic story about how India is gobbling up the universe?

What a blessed change this all makes from the days when the only news that ever came out of India was about misery and starvation.

UPDATE: India has just bought itself a new aircraft carrier. From Russia, which tells you who's on the up and who isn't. Well, second hand. Pre-owned, as my video store calls it.

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