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March 11, 2004
Kind words

Today I received this very pleasing email, of the sort that makes doing this feel very worthwhile:

Hello Brian,

I came across your education blog yesterday and spent a good few hours trawling through it. Your posts are thought provoking, intelligent and highly relevant to anybody interested in education issues and libertarian principles. I have a 3 year old daughter, and my wife and I will be (and we are now) home educating her. I am glad to see that your posts and your contributors comments retain a balanced level of intelligent debate and do not resort to personal abuse and poorly reasoned waffle, seen on other forums. I look forward to reading your blog (and commenting) in future!

Simon Bone - Reading, UK

Many thanks, Simon. I especially like the bit about trawling through the archives. I don't suppose much of that goes on.

I agree about the nature of the comments here, and look forward to reading any which you may honour us with. Longer reports of progress with your daughter would also be welcome, unless of course you prefer to keep that private. Maybe generalised advice based on the experience, rather than particular dramas that kind of thing.

Whether that appeals or not, the best of luck with your daughter and her education.

I did ask Simon Bone's permission (I now address everybody) before reproducing this particular email, since it included a reference to a child. But be warned that I regard all incoming emails in connection with this blog as fair publishing game, unless it is stated otherwise.

Especially ones as nice as Simon's.

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