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May 05, 2004
University advert on the tube

Further evidence that British universities are at least semi-trading in semi-markets:


It's an advert in the tube, meaning (for non-Londoners) the London Underground railway. A bit blurry I'm afraid. Taken on the move. But you can just about make out that it's London South Bank University, and that this is their website.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:11 PM
Category: Higher education

Also a sign is the way they have rebranded themselves from being South Bank University, London to London South Bank University.

Comment by: Ian on May 5, 2004 02:11 PM

...and I forgot to add means new e-mail addresses for everyone!

Comment by: Ian on May 5, 2004 02:12 PM

I've been on New York City subway trains where it seems as if half of the advertisements were for various schools and colleges.

Comment by: Jim on May 5, 2004 06:49 PM

Yes, much public transport in Australia is swathed with advertising for various universities.

Comment by: Scott Wickstein on May 6, 2004 12:45 AM

Actually, I've seen a fair amount of adverts for universities on the Tube over the last few years. I've had the "Ooh, didn't know that one even existed" moment many times. Good signs.

Comment by: Jackie on May 7, 2004 11:56 PM

Thanks for all these comments people.

I normally wouldn't bother to say such a thing, but my comments notification system has been behaving oddly, and this is part of checking it out.

Comment by: Brian Micklethwait on May 8, 2004 01:44 PM
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