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July 01, 2004
Dog - sociology professor - nice pictures

DarylsDog.jpgOkay so I was looking through Daryl Cobranchi's blog for something there recent to link to, and my favourite was this, which has a gratuitous picture of a dog. Gratuitous picture of the dog reproduced here. I know, you wait months for a picture of a dog, and suddenly two dogs in two postings.

But I followed the links in his piece of dog blogging, and I got to something more substantial, in the form of a piece about blogging. It includes this gem of brilliance, from a Sociology Professor:

"It's likely to be a fad," said Robert Wood, sociology professor at Rutgers University-Camden in New Jersey. "In a year or two we'll be on to something new."

What you mean "we", Sociology Professor? You ain't no blogger, that's obvious. If you were, you'd know that blogging is here to stay. Sure enough, he has a very individual looking website of the sort that people who want blogging to drop dead tend to have.

Being into websites he offers this page of websites for teachers, which includes a number of links that could be worth following up.

The Internet eh? You go looking for ways for sneering at someone, and before you know it you find something that might be interesting.

This, for example, took me to this which lead me to this and to this and this, athough I could have missed a few steps there. The pictures look really good.

I think I will now do a posting about this on this.

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It's an attack of the killer Sammies.

Comment by: Daryl Cobranchi on July 1, 2004 12:53 AM
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