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July 14, 2004
Is counter-terrorism blunting the USA's strategic edge?

The man who paints The Big Picture notes the strange fact that the USA consumes, so to speak, so many more educated (alpha-)people than it can produce, and that this is a big source of US strategic power, and always has been. And he links back to an earlier posting of his, where he asked:

"Will the United States' draconian response to the terrorist threat cause a fundamental shift in the international movement of researchers and perhaps even alter the global balance of scientific power?"

I would suppose that the answer is: yes, a bit. Interesting thought. And whether counter-terrorism is hurting or not, the question of why the USA does the exploitation of educated people so much better than education itself is very interesting.

I got to this from here and to there, inevitably, from here.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 10:52 PM
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Some of the answer may be found in Michael Barone's recent book, "Hard America / Soft America".

Comment by: David Foster on July 17, 2004 04:53 AM
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