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September 13, 2004
Studying leisure is hard work

Mark Holland has been out and about, biking if it's fine, windsurfing if it's wet, and on his travels he encountered some students, studying:

Also out on the water today were a flotilla of mostly learner kayakers mixed in with a few who knew their stuff.

Speaking to a couple of them afterwards I learnt that they are at the local uni studying for a BA Honours Degree in Adventure Education. I didn't laugh honest. In fact I'm rather jealous.

I'm not. This is my idea of hell on earth. But, each to his own.


Michael Brooke comments:

My degree - Business Studies with a focus on arts management - had a couple of compulsory terms of Leisure Studies, which wasn't anything like as relaxing as its title suggests.

It turned out to be surprisingly fascinating, though, drawing on history, culture, politics, sociology and technology (cheap air travel, television, the internet) to examine the changing ways in which we've made use of our leisure time and how our attitudes towards it have differed.

I've recently taken a holiday, which I have spent entirely on chucking stuff out and organising what remains, nesting in other words. Very satisfying.

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