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November 19, 2004
Gun schooling

Emily Yoffe has a piece up about her learning to shoot, and Instapundit quoted, among other bits, this bit:

So anathema are guns among my friends that when one learned I was doing this piece, he opened his wallet, silently pulled out an NRA membership card, then (after I recovered from the sight) asked me not to spread it around lest his son be kicked out of nursery school.

I spent yesterday afternoon with my two young (male) Paradise Primary customers spelling out words like SHOOT, BANG, ZAP, etc., in big capital letters (and also doing such things as combining the two Os of SHOOT with a front-on picture of a double barrelled gun held by a mad monster), which they thought most satisfactory.

Once again, I have a busy day today, busier than I had anticipated, so again, not much to say. Please blog quietly amongst yourselves, or read your books.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 02:55 PM
Category: Violence

I gather than in some parts of the USA (mostly urban) (1) all guns--long guns & hand guns-- are lumped together and (2) all are equally evil.

A little known-fact about the United States is that it is a country with widely-varying values about such things as gun ownership. I know more than a few card-carrying liberals who are also quite good markspersons. I've never lived east of the Rockies (that is to say, further than about 24 hours by car from the Pacific Ocean), so I don't know much about the Eastern Seaboard, but there are quite a few gun clubs and shooting ranges within an hour's travel of the very liberal San Francisco/Berkeley axis.

The pathological fear of guns--especially among mommies--is downright silly, as you noted with your PP chums. Many young kids will rubberband blocks together to make a "gun" shape, and will happily fire away at each other.

Comment by: liz on November 23, 2004 06:39 AM
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