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January 25, 2005
The education of the Aviator

Today they announced that The Aviator has been nominated for eleven Oscars.

For some time now I've been meaning to do another of those celebrity educations postings, and today I got to wondering what kind of education Howard Hughes had?

HowardHughes.jpgI found an answer, albeit a brief one, here:

Education: Hughes attended private school in Boston, where he was better at golf than classwork. He was attending Thacher School in California when his mother died. In California, Hughes spent time with his uncle, Rupert, who inspired his later interest in filmmaking. Hughes never graduated from high school. Nonetheless, his father arranged for him to sit in on classes at Cal Tech by donating money to the school. Afterward, Howard returned to Houston and enrolled at Rice Institute (now Rice University). Howard, Sr. died suddenly a few weeks after his son turned eighteen. Young Howard inherited much of the family estate and dropped out of Rice.

I love that bit about his dad arranging for him to attend Cal Tech by donating money. Go capitalism!

Picture of Hughes from here.

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