November 14, 2002
Calling Amy – and then maybe Patrick

Have you spotted a pattern? Correct! Something every day no matter how bad or banal, but something. Tonight I am attending a meeting of LSE students in a pub and may be in no fit state to blog afterwards, so here's something for today, of no huge significance, but something.

Calling Amy Hicks. Amy, you posted a comment on this. Thanks, but sadly I couldn't get your links to work. The one to you failed, and I only got anywhere by going, which got me to a strange person's personal website, rather than, which got me nowhere. Can you elucidate? The comment made little sense without the links. I'm not getting many comments yet, so I am being very nurturing and caring towards the ones I do get. Bossy, that is to say.

Changing the subject, I haven't forgotten about my promise to have more and better presented links. It's just that Patrick Crozier is, I think, busy moving house, and faffing about with this he does not need until he's settled in his new place.

Also, I'm probably going to start yet another blog, which absolutely won't have to be updated every day and therefore is less liable to be disfigured by inconsequential blather such as this, called Brian's CULTURE Blog (BCBlog?). No need to worry Patrick with that just yet either. I said that BEdBlog would be an education for me and it has been. And one of the things I've learned is that I can fit in another one, provided I set about it the right way and make it all pleasure and no obligation.

There's a moral for teachers and for their self-appointed superiors in among that previous paragraph, don't you agree? Something like: people get a lot more done if they're in complete charge of what they are doing, and do it just the way they like. And, no, I don't just mean the teachers, even though they are most definitely included in that.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 04:05 PM
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