November 15, 2002

Thanks very much for a link, and for a quote from here and a supporting comment, to Daryl Cobranchi of Homeschool and Other Educ. Stuff, which is definitely going to be a regular read for me. (The "and" is supposed to be a squiggle but Samizdata Blogczar Perry de Havilland says that can cause trouble. I know. You learn something new every day.) Daryl, expect more references from here to you. And thanks for commenting on something else here, and thereby letting me know about this.

And apparently I have Steven Gallagher (who thinks and therefore can't sleep) to thank also. So thanks also to Steven.

Patrick (he's the BEdBlog caretaker), please can you put Homeschool etc. on the "Education friendly blogs" list? The link to the sleepless thinker will have to wait until the big links sort-out that I'll be doing Real Soon Now.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 09:33 PM
Category: Home education