November 02, 2002
"They came in and wanted to check up on everything, …"

This is from a BBC news report of about a week ago, about bullying, suffered by teachers:

One teacher told how he felt he was victimised after becoming a union representative.

In a BBC Radio Ulster interview he said: "At every turn the management were scrutinising me closer, overseeing me, questioning everything I decided to do and I got the impression I was being put under the microscope.

"Anxiety crept into my teaching. They came in and wanted to check up on everything, my plans, marking, and for the first time ever I was nervous going into a classroom environment."

"And that badly affected my home-life and my wife became ill with a stress-related illness."

Now I could have some fun with this, about how this teacher now knows what it's like being a pupil. "They... wanted to check up on everything, ...", and so on. But Home Educating House Dad got there first, with his posting on the 24th. (Sorry, can't make his weird archiving software work yet, so scroll down.)

The House Dad also has comments on Britain's new Education Minister who has, sadly, replaced ex-Minister Estelle Morris. Whenever a Minister resigns, you think, great. But then a day later, along comes another. Why do Ministerial resignations have to be spoilt like this, with subsequent appointments?

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Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:00 PM
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