November 01, 2002
Watching for biased cant

In preparation for going public tomorrow with BEdBlog - and I think that's a nicer acronym than BEB, don't you? - I ought to be writing a Grand Pronouncement about Life, Education and Everything. Instead, here's just the first of many brand-X BEdBlog postings, this being, because I just happened to come across it, about a blog called Cant Watch, and in particular about this piece on leftward bias in academia. That's a story which isn't going to go away any time soon. I haven't read the piece very thoroughly, let alone the three previous pieces before it in the series of which it is number four, but it looks good, if only because it mentions Brink Lindsey's Dead Hand favourably. (That's a book, by the way, not an affliction.) The piece also names some guilty academics. And of course there are lots of links to sympatico blogs, books and sites.

Patrick: Can we (by which I mean: can you) put Cant Watch on the list of "Education Friendly Blogs" please? In alphabetical order would be preferable - as and when it suits to do it. And while we're (you're) about it, could you also please do me, sometime, another subject category: "Academic Bias". As I say, we're going to need that one a lot. Thanking you in anticipation.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 07:40 PM
Category: Bias