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Chronological Archive • October 2002
October 28, 2002
Saint Patrick's Day

This must be like watching the keystone cops at work.

I told you I believed in Brian's Education Blog being about Brian's Education as well as about Education.

So anyway, Britain's Minister of Education, Estelle Morris, has resigned on account of being out of her depth, and having presided over a huge exam-fixing row/cock-up. All kinds of bloggers are making interesting points about education in, you know, various places in the blogosphere. AND, Patrick Crozier is coming round this evening to see if the two of us sitting next to one another can't make some sense of this Movable Type thing.

It just goes to show that learning, like most other things, works better when done by and between people who are able from time to time to actually sit next to one another and be clearer about what exact thing they are each talking about than they can be over the phone, or by such ungodly and unwieldy things as emails, letters, messages in bottles, bits of paper in arrows, pigeons, etc. In fact, I think any hour/day now I might put something to this effect up on Samizdata, the link for which can be found, somewhere. And if things don't go well this evening, I might also post a cri de coeur for all Movable Typists in the London area to visit my kitchen (already one of London's most popular tourist attractions, according to Alice Bachini last friday) and get me truly sorted.

All this because (a) Patrick agreed to visit me this evening, and then set to work trying to do some Movable Typing himself, but (b) declared himself baffled and blocked at every turn and gave up, and said (c) that there was no point in him visiting this evening. I then (d) took a look at BEB myself, and found it made far more sense than it had been making, and as a result was able (e) to persuade Patrick to come and visit after all, and with luck he will, and with further luck we'll make enough headway for BEB to go public Real Soon Now.

I've given up caring what it looks like. Text is the thing. If that stays interesting, it's a blog, especially if there are links, unlike in the above. If it looks pretty but is boring and unlinked to anything, no go ...

I'm impressed that you at least are trawling through the back numbers. That's the only way anyone else would ever be reading this thing.

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Another Test

All I want is something, anything to display. Maybe I have to make it a bit longer. Maybe, that way it gets to display. I certainly hope so. We'll see soon enough.

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I'm in charge

Nothing to see here.

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October 21, 2002
Baffled as usual

I've categorised this as Home Schooling, because this is me, schooling myself, at home.

I'm trying to understand this thing of actually running my own blog, but of course I don't. Still, I have at least got the "BRIAN'S EDUCATION BLOG" bit at the top to look at bit less embarrassing. But where have my previous two test posts vanished to? Have they archived themselves? Perhaps.

Still, about this learning business: The key to it is to get in touch with your inner ignorance, and not be afraid of it becoming your obvious-to-everybody ignorance. Ignorance is not stupidity. Be willing to learn in public, which you can't unless you start by admitting what you don't know.

Like this. (You have to look at the first comments as well.)

Next tech-question: Do links TO Samizdata work like links WITHIN Samizdata? It never ends. Well, according to "Preview" it seems to work okay.

But will this show up now I've written it? If so, I will comment: hurrah!!

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