January 08, 2003
A good homeschooling meme-pair

Michael Peach, who, by the way, has moved to Movable Type, reproduces the full text of a press release from Schoolhouse, the Scottish homeschooling group. Go to him and to Schoolhouse for the full story, but meanwhile here's my favourite bit of the press release, favourite because of the delightful metaphor at the end which I'm sure lots of readers of this will already have heard many times but which was new to me:

In the face of blanket opposition, the Executive had to admit they got it badly wrong. However, they still seem intent upon interfering without justification in the lawful educational choices of those whose dissatisfaction with school education in Scotland has reached unprecedented levels. According to the results of a New Year poll, 30% of parents would home educate their children, which is hardly surprising when we consider research findings which demonstrate the superiority of free range learning compared to the factory schooling model.

"Free range learning". "Factory schooling". I like these phrases. To be spread about, I think.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 04:27 PM
Category: Home education