January 02, 2003
Freedom and Whisky and Education

I'm still not very well, but I'm well enough to thank David Farrer for the general plug for this blog, and for news about Schoolhouse, a Scotland-based home-education support group.

This from their website:

Schoolhouse Home Education Association (known as "Schoolhouse"), a recognised Scottish charity (No. SCO26965), was founded in 1996 by a group of home educating families who wished to raise public awareness of, and begin to tackle issues surrounding, home education in Scotland. The Association offers support and information on a Scotland-wide basis to those who wish to take personal responsibility for the education of their children; families who have chosen, or are contemplating, home-based education; and those who wish to defend the right of families to educate in accordance with their own philosophy and with due regard to the wishes and feelings of their children.

Reasons for choosing home-based education are many and varied. Some parents educate at home through active choice, whereas for others it is a reluctant decision taken as a direct result of school-related difficulties such as school phobia / anxiety, bullying or special educational needs. Approaches to home-based education are similarly diverse - some families choose a relatively structured model while many favour autonomous learning. Happily, the choice is entirely theirs since the 5-14 curriculum guidelines do not apply to home educators and they are free to choose the approach which best suits the individual child.

That the rise of the internet seems to be happening alongside a rise in interest in home education is anything but coincidence. The former makes the latter so much easier to hear about, and to do.

David says he's going to read this blog every day. As already stated, the weekends may go dry, but I intend to put something up every weekday. In general, I hope David doesn't have cause to change his mind about this blog.

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