March 12, 2003
Breaking point

I missed this piece in from way back. It's called "Why an award-winning young teacher wants to quit", and you know what the piece will say, to the point where you hardly need to read it. But it's worth a read nevertheless.

"There are too many initiatives, they are like polyfilla. They [the government] shove an initiative into a problem and it just leaves a mess. I love what I do and would stay if I had a choice, but what I do and what I want to do are teach, and you can't do it with the targets and initiatives and the expectations from government and society. That's why I'm at breaking point."

That was January 7th of this year. I wonder if breaking point has now been and gone.

Getting a prize is no substitute for being allowed to do the job you love properly.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:59 PM
Category: Sovietisation