June 19, 2003
We know where you live miss

So I started to write a little piece for my Culture Blog, and nine hours later I finished it, leaving very little time for my duties here. And I have promised these people something soon as well, on a civil liberties theme of some kind.

So, a link here to something about a teacher, but which also has civil liberties vibes. It is often said that those who have done nothing wrong, have nothing to be frightened of. The nothing in question that they have to be frightened about being the total surveillance regime, of cameras everywhere and uniquitous universally available information, potentially available to anyone with a PC.

The piece is basically about the serious horrors being suffered by Chris Cooper's Asian neighbours. But he makes a passing mention (in brackets) of the problems potentially risked by that other social minority, teachers:

(We've not suffered any of this – I went to bed last night without the thought of it crossing my mind. (In the past, however, we've had a few eggs thrown at the house by some of my wife's less affectionate students.)

I said a day or two ago that I was thinking of volunteering to teach reading. I still am. But I'm also thinking, maybe it would be a wise precaution not to do my volunteering too close to where I live, to start with anyway.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:25 PM
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