July 04, 2003
"… a good delight-driven work ethic …"

I like this, from Linda's Homeschool Weblog:

Aaron was talking to a friend on the phone, "I just finished washing my parents' car," he said. His friend asked if he was getting money for doing it. Aaron said, "No, I just like doing it - I like doing car and bike work .... basically I'm the little work ant of the family."

Good description - he's always doing something ... he doesn't care for reading or writing but compensates in so many ways. I'm glad he's learning a good delight-driven work ethic rather than having paperwork forced on him in the public schools.

Aaron speaks for millions of boys. But unlike most of those millions, he's lucky enough to have parents who listen.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:22 PM
Category: Home education