July 25, 2003
Teach Your Own

I went to one of those sites which says how you rank in the blogosphere. Someone said they ranked 364,276th, or something. ha ha. And at some point in my odyssey I typed in brianmicklethwait.com/education and eventually I found myself here, which looks useful. I don't know how I got there, but there it is.

Home education is a perfectly legal form of educational provision in the UK; furthermore, it is always a parent's responsibility to make sure that their child receives a suitable education.

Yes, I've read that before, but it can't be said too often.

Home education is open to all parents, whatever their race, creed, income, social class or level of education.
- You don't have to have any teaching qualifications.
- You don't have to follow the National Curriculum.
- You don't have to keep to school hours, days or terms.
- You don't have to give formal, school-type lessons
- You don't need to use a timetable.
- Your child will not take Key Stage tests (SATs)

Now for the bad news.

So what do parents need in order to teach their own children successfully?

Ah, successfully.

John Holt answered this question in his book Teach Your Own.

"First of all they have to like them, enjoy their company ... enjoy all their talk and questions ... have enough confidence in themselves, scepticism about experts, and willingness to be different from most people …" (Holt p. 38)

Yeah yeah. I preferred the earlier stuff, the bit about what you didn't have to do.

I'm addled and, er, confused. I've been hosting one of my Friday evenings, and have been so busy getting things ready for that that I haven't done my edublogging for today until now. So it was either this or nothing. Consider yourself lucky.

David Carr was one of the attenders. He has a posting up on Samizdata with an educational theme.

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