September 14, 2003
"Forced to lower the pass mark"

Why am I not surprised?

GCSE results were "fixed" to mask the poorest performance by mathematics students in almost a decade, a senior examiner revealed last night.

David Kent, a chairman of the Edexcel exam board for nine years, claimed that he was forced to lower the pass mark by about eight percentage points to ensure that thousands of students managed to pass the exam.

His allegations, reported in today's Sunday Times, will add considerable fuel to the long-running controversy about whether exam pass rates have been artificially manipulated. Those who maintain that easier exams and more generous marking have concealed falling standards are likely to seize on Mr Kent's statements.

Yes they are. I link to the Indy version of this because Times links don't last.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:02 PM
Category: Examinations and qualifications