September 25, 2003
The answer to high prices is ... lower prices!

And I also missed (see below) this piece from last Monday:

A chain of independent schools is to be set up to bridge the gap between the state sector and top independent schools by charging "affordable'' fees.

The plans by Global Education Management Systems (Gems), a company based in Dubai, is likely to encourage more parents to avoid the state sector and put pressure on other independent schools to cut fees. The Office of Fair Trading is investigating allegations of fee-fixing by independent schools including Eton and Winchester.

The company has taken over two private schools in Britain and is looking for more. It also plans to build schools on greenfield sites within easy reach of city centres.

Most educational initiatives are just another ton of forms for teachers to fill in, but that one sounds like it just might work.

Is the price of private education getting too high? The government investigates. The free market gets to work.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 10:20 PM
Category: The private sector