December 16, 2003
Basher takes over my old school

Today I bought, for 50p in the local gay charity shop, a copy of the 1998 edition of the Good Schools Guide. There is a website associated with this book, but I have yet to make much sense of it. So here's a taste of what it's like. Here's what they say about the then (and for all I know still) headmaster of the school I went to, Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wilts:

Head (Master): Since 1993, Mr E J H Gould, MA (fifties). Previous post head of Felsted, where he earned the nickname of 'Basher' – one which stands him in good stead here. Looks like a professional bouncer. Read Geography at Teddy Hall, Oxford, collected four and a half blues (rugby and swimming), rowed for Great Britain, etc, etc. Before Felsted was housemaster at Harrow. Comments he is homing in on three main things: 'confidence, morale and attitude – none of which you can pass rules on'.

One or two changes among the governors in recent years and not before time – and fewer clergymen.

Basher. Ah, the delights of a refined education. "Teddy Hall" by the way, is posh speak for St Edmunds Hall, one of the Oxford University (I think – if not then Cambridge) colleges.

Got a nasty headache and need to go to bed, so not a lot of homework today, I'm afraid.

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