January 25, 2004
Flash bang wallop what a school

There's no doubt that my Culture Blog has been a whole lot more fun than this one in recent days and weeks, and part of it is pictures. I've mulled it over, and I've decided I'm going to put pictures here too, as and when it suits. And this one is fully worthy of the honour of being Brian's Education Blog Picture Number One:


This is the Eyesore of the month for January 2004, at this site of that name.

Of this eyesore, James Howard Kunstler says:

Hmmmm. This typologically ambiguous building in Pflugerville, Texas (just north of Austin) is the K-through-6 medium security education facility. It's encouraging to know that the inmates were slated for "early release" this year. Ask yourself: what kind of citizens would an institution like this produce? And where do they go from here?

My thanks to Michael Blowhard for the link to this.

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