January 21, 2004
The failing Beacon School

The Telegraph had a story last week, which I've only just read, referring to grumbles about Ofsted inspections. My favourite paragraph of the story is the final one:

A third more schools have been failed or put in the "serious weakness" category since September than over the same period last year. They include Grey Court in Richmond upon Thames, Surrey, one of the Government's Beacon Schools. The school was failed and put into special measures by an Ofsted team three months after its Beacon status had been renewed and Her Majesty's Inspectors had judged teaching there to be good enough to permit it to become a specialist computer and science college.

I am always confused about government education policy, but this time I really think I'm entitled to be. Do Her Majesty's Inspectors have nothing to do with Ofsted?

No wonder teachers don't want to be head teachers any more.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:34 PM
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