March 05, 2004
Dynamite education

Ananova reports:

Ms Dynamite is to launch her own school of urban music.


She wants to find budding young street talent and give them a chance to get behind the mic in a studio.

She'll take some of the classes herself, passing on songwriting and performing skills that have helped her win a Mercury Music Prize and a number of Brit Awards.

So Solid Crew and Big Brovaz will also give lessons. Ms Dynamite's school of cool will be named Diddymite and source youngsters from seven years of age to 19.

No venue has yet been found, but the school will be based in Lambeth, South London.

The Sun says she has put an amount of her own money into the project, while also receiving local authority and youth initiative grants.

The academy will run classes during weekends and holidays, and Diddymite gurus will also visit schools.

The school will be run by Marisha Skyers, a cousin of Ms Dynamite's boyfriend, Dwayne Seaforth.

Interesting. My guess would be that the key person here is this Marisha Skyers. If she is good at this, then it might just work.

A common attitude to this kind of thing is that the world needs more "qualified" and "trained" pop musicians like it needs a thousand more holes it its head. But I reckon that children who get excited about something – anything, that is mind expanding and works better if you work at it and which requires being organised and determined and cooperative, are much more likely to make a success of their lives than children who sit in classrooms being bored by more "useful" or "relevant" kinds of life preparation.

Besides which, my understanding of music these days is that the most important instruments involved are electrical and IT based, rather than things made of metal and wood that you scrape or blow down or pluck at. And learning about electrical kit has got to be good, educationally.

I've categorised this posting as "The private sector", and I hope that's right. Anything which spreads educational power away from the State Education Monolith run from London is good news, I think.

I wish them and all who learn with them every success.

Main reservation: "Diddymite" sounds like something you spread on toast and eat, with Ked Dodd doing the advertising. Not cool at all, in other words. But that's me showing my age.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:19 PM
Category: The private sector