March 17, 2004
France goes global

I am under intense time pressure, but do still have time to report some more of the conversation with a French person that I had yesterday about the teaching of reading. See below. Forgive me, no link to that or to anything else, I'm too rushed.

Apparently, in France, they have also been afflicted with "look and say" or with the "whole word" method for the non-teaching of reading. Only they call it the "global" method. And it has been around in France for several decades now, and is doing just the same damage there as it has in the Anglo-Saxon world, including rampant dyslexia. Google for the "Reading Reform Foundation" if you want to know more about the Anglo-Saxon version of this catastrophe. Or you can find it in my permanent links section.

I didn't realise that the educators of France were as stupid as ours, but apparently they are.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:47 PM
Category: Literacy