March 13, 2004
Mrs Kent the music mistress

Michael Jennings emails with the link to this, and comments that outing her was a bit unfair. Indeed, unless she outed herself, which seems unlikely. Anyway, too late now, so …

Quote from the BBC story:

Pupils at a Hull primary school have just learned that "Mrs Kent" the music teacher is in fact the Duchess of Kent.

The Duchess has secretly been giving music lessons at Wansbeck Primary School, Longhill, east Hull, for the past eight years.

After a visit in 1996, she offered to help boost the school's arts teaching.

Head teacher Ann Davies said: "Her enthusiasm with the children brings out the best in them and thanks to Mrs Kent music is now a strength at the school. …"

Interesting, and impressive. I hope that the BBC reporting of this doesn't somehow derange it and make it impossible to continue with.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 07:35 PM
Category: Primary schools