April 03, 2004
CMC Vellore - past and present

I googled, as is my wont, "education", and this time, as has become my frequent wont, I tried "images", and stumbled into some Indian medical/educational history. I found my way to the archives page of the Christian Medical College Vellore (in Southern India), which was founded about a century ago by Miss Ida Sophia Scudder MD, who I'm guessing was an American missionary. It's the kind of place that isn't talked about much now, but the pictures at this page evoke a vanished world of White Man's burden, or in this case White Woman's Burden.


The place still seems to be going strong, as this page of more recent photos, in colour, illustrates.


I enjoy this kind of thing, and I really enjoy the way you can chat about such things on the internet.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 06:25 PM
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