April 30, 2004
Heads they lose

Recruiting head teachers is getting harder, says David Hart of NAHT.

The turnover of senior management in schools has reached crisis levels, with headteachers suffering from "football manager syndrome" a conference heard today.

Which is daft. There is no shortage of people wanting to be football managers. Make that the political people talking about football in a desperate attempt to get media coverage syndrome.

Vacancies for headteachers has reached the highest level in seven years and is 20% up on this time last year, according to analysis from the National Association of Head Teachers, revealed at its annual conference in Cardiff.

David Hart, NAHT general secretary, said: "Headteacher turnover is reaching critical proportions."

Read the whole thing, as they say.

My interpretation? If you sovietise the education system, but allow other parts of the economy to remain relatively unsovietised, people will flee the sovietised bit, just as they fled from old fashioned Communism. (The answer: A free market in education.)

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 03:06 PM
Category: Sovietisation