April 02, 2004
"I would like to invite you to visit our site …"

On those days when I have been living life as life is generally understood (i.e. working and going out), I sometimes find myself at the end of the day and in need of a quick posting. And it is at times like those (i.e. these) that I am rather more welcoming of emails like this one than I usually am.

Dear Brian,

I would like to invite you to visit our site at http://www.readingsuccesslab.com and introduce you to the Cognitive Aptitude Assessment Software, developed by internationally recognized Psychology Professor Mike Royer, Ph. D. of the Laboratory for the Assessment and Training of Academic Skills, University of Massachusetts Amherst and software developer Jeremy Wise, Ph.D.

With 15 years of research behind them, the Drs. have recently introduced a free reading assessment test designed for home use and ideal for families, homeschool families, those with special learning needs and educators. The Reading Success Lab™ FREE Reading Assessment Test is a unique screening test to identify readers with disabilities. Other free tests typically ask a series of paper and pencil questions regarding a reader's struggles with reading.

Our test actually tests reading skills. The software measures both the accuracy of response (did the reader make the correct answer), and the timeliness of the response (how quickly did the reader make the correct answer). Measuring timeliness indicates whether the reader has mastered the skill or struggles with the skill.

We believe the application of the software for families has proved to meet many of their concerns about learning problems. The soon to be released full assessment software will provide a full diagnosis with recommendations for intervention, all with ease from home. Test the whole family with software customizable to multiple age levels.

If you try the software, like it and consider it a good resource for your visitors, we would appreciate a link from your site. We believe CAAS, is an important resource for all families.

Dr. Royer and Dr. Wise are very eager for feedback and also for an honest discussion about the software, it’s use and application. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments of any kind.

With kind regards,
Debra Paynter


Other of our sites we welcome you to check out
http://www.jeremywisephd.com/ for Jeremy Wise, Ph.D.
http://www.jamesmroyerphd.com/ for Mike Royer, Ph. D.
http://www.umass.edu/latas/ to visit the Laboratory for the Assessment and Training of Academic Skills
http://www.cognitive-aptitude-assessment-software.com/ for the Researcher Version

Make of this whatever you will.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 10:40 PM
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