May 07, 2004
A history teacher with a difference

I have no time for anything much today, but this has got to be today's most striking British education news story:

A history teacher was at the head of a network of football hooligans jailed today after conducting a violent pre-planned brawl along the platform of a busy railway station.

Dave Walker, head of year at Turves Green boys' technology college in Birmingham, was jailed for two years and three months for his "vital role" in orchestrating fighting at Maze Hill, south east London, in April 2002.

Walker, 37, who called himself "Three Lions", posted messages on internet forums setting up the confrontation between 30 Charlton supporters and 15 Southampton fans before a match in London, Kingston crown court heard.

Like quite a few of the most dramatic criminals (expect a TV play about this guy any month now) he seems to have lead a double life.

In a statement, headteacher, Ken Nimmo, described Walker as an "outstanding teacher" with an "exemplary record" and said he was saddened by events.

He said: "David Walker was an outstanding teacher who contributed a huge amount to the many successes of the boys here."

I bet he was especially good at explaining military history. (See below!)

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:58 PM
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