May 28, 2004
Criminals ain't what they used to be

This is a real blog posting, so no link to someone else's piece in a newspaper.

Philip Chaston, who writes for Airstrip One, is in my kitchen, attending what remains of my last Friday meeting this month, and is moaning about the standard of young criminals these days.

Philip is no heavyweight boxing champion, but he tells me that from time to time, juvenile would-be muggers try to mug him outside Epsom railway station, which is apparently quite a rough place. Philip just shouts at them and they retreat in disarray.

The moral of this, says Philip, is that our education system is such garbage that even criminals aren't properly prepared for their chosen careers.

Patrick Crozier asked: "Why don't they get properly kitted up? If I was robbing people, I'd have the necessary equipment with me."

"These kids are seriously stupid", says Philip. "They can't even rob me efficiently."

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:46 PM
Category: Falling standards