May 04, 2004
The education trade with India and in India

Commenting today on this posting here, Satya, who writes this blog says:

It is indeed interesting to follow the way trade in education is evolving. Some time back, I had looked at India's education imports and the possibility of India exporting education by leveraging the (Indian Institutes of Technology) IIT brand - India's strongest educational brand. See my posts here and here.

But there is another interesting exports opportunity quietly growing in education - developing countries are exporting teachers to the developed countries. Indian teachers have been going to the US, the UK and many other countries to teach.

This kind of thing has undoubtedly emerged as one of the Big Stories while I've been writing this blog.

We all know why it is happening. Cheap international phone calls and even cheaper email make it far easier to arrange and maintain the quality of international relationships and faraway ventures and events than it ever was. It would have been crazy if the world – truly now the world – of education had not been deeply affected by this global trend. And especially so when you consider that a lot of educational material of great value can now be transmitted and distributed instantaneously, over thousands of miles and on a bewilderingly huge scale, simply by someone no more computer-literate than I am pressing a few buttons on keyboard.

My deepest thanks to Satya for the comment, with all its useful links. His education blog supplies a mass of detailed information about educational developments in India, and as I keep saying here, educational developments in India are also one of the Big Stories in the education world now.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 07:48 PM
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