June 07, 2004
Cheating in China

Hello. It sounds as if they're having problems with exam cheating in China.

I always interpret announcements that they're going to jolly well do something about stopping whatever it is as the proof that whatever it is is happening but not necessarily that whatever it is will be stopped.

So this tells me something, but not what Vice Minister of Education Yan Guiren wants to tell me:

Vice Minister of Education Yuan Guiren on Saturday pledged that great efforts would be made to prevent any kinds of fraudulent practices in coming university entrance examination, which will be held from June 7 to 9.

Yuan said this year saw the largest number of university entrance examinees since the exam was resumed in 1977 after the 10-year-long "Cultural Revolution". All relevant departments must strengthen exam discipline and resolutely crack down on any forms of exam corruption.

He pledged that severe punishment will be imposed on three types of exam cheating, including finding scapegoat to attend exam, sending exam-related tips by telecommunication devices and group fraudulent practice in exam.

Chinglish, is that called? It takes a bit of decyphering, but I believe I managed.

"Nowadays, exam cheating means are modern and advanced. Once the examination papers are divulged in one place, it will soon spread widely. Therefore, examination paper must be carefully guarded," he continued.

So, Chinese students are at least getting the hang of all this modern and advanced gizmology then.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 10:58 PM
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