June 04, 2004
SATs pass the test

From Instapundit to something somewhere, to something else at that same somewhere … it's a common path. So I've just now gone from this to this (on account of having developed an interest in Intellectual Property issues – never mind why), and the I scrolled up to this.

It's is about SAT tests. I sense, on the basis of little evidence that I can point or link to, but just a general feeling, that in Britain, SAT tests are becoming more important.

Partly it's because SATs are such a big deal in America, and news from America now gets here faster and more voluminously than ever. Partly, it's because of the increasing muddle that is the British exam system. And partly, as Britain becomes more ethnically and culturally diverse, tests which hack their way past all that stuff and dig out inborn intelligence become more significant. And no doubt several other reasons I can't think of now.

Basically what she's saying is: SATs aren't perfect, but they work pretty well, despite energetic efforts to prove otherwise.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:01 PM
Category: Examinations and qualifications