July 07, 2004
A teacher who blogs

My good friend Adriana, Queen Bee of this, to whom deepest thanks, emailed me with news of an interesting blogger. The interesting thing being that he combines a substantial internet presence with being a teacher (of English), at Radley College, which is one of Britain's posher private sector secondary schools.

My school used to play Radley at cricket, I vaguely recall. And a very nice man called Dennis Silk, who I fondly remember teaching me English many decades ago, by which I mean he liked my writing and had no criticisms of it to offer of any sort, then left my school and went off to become the Headmaster of Radley, from 1968 until 1991.

Gratuitous Radley picture:


Anway, that's enough about me and my old English teacher. This guy's name is David Smith and this is his Radley Weblog.

The two postings which appeal to me most are one about the Twin Towers, with some lovely pictures, and then this one, in which he quotes Peter Conrad writing in The Observer about the Saatchi art fire:

In the annals of cultural catastrophe, this disaster does not register. We are not dealing with an event such as the torching of the library in Alexandria, that shrine to the muses which, when it caught fire 50 years before the birth of Christ, annihilated an entire corpus of classical literature, including 90 tragedies by Aeschylus and 30 comedies by Aristophanes.

Arson has been on my mind here lately, for some reason.

I don't know if D. R. Smith's Radley pupils read this Radley Weblog, or are intended to. If they do, it must be quite an education for them.

It would of course make particular sense for the readers of my blog here to check out everything David Smith writes or quotes under the heading of education.

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