July 24, 2004
And Lord Curzon agrees with her

Nothing much to say myself today, but I recomment this article by Tavleen Singh, about "Indianising" Indian education. The final paragraph, in particular, told me things I didn't know:

When I last wrote about education in this column, the former Maharajah of Dhrangadhra sent me a copy of a speech made by Lord Curzon at Rajkot’s Rajkumar College on November 5, 1900. In his speech, Curzon urges the Indian princes he is addressing to be Indian. ‘‘Though educated in a Western curriculum, they should still remain Indians, true to their own beliefs, their own traditions, and their own people.’’ How sad that a British Viceroy could see a hundred years ago what our HRD ministers cannot see even now.

At present there seems to be a kind of thesis, antithesis thing going on between teaching in Hindu and teaching in English, teaching East and Teaching West. Singh is, the way she tells it, trying to find the synthesis. Or it could be that she is just an Easterner but a bit cleverer than some of the others. Either way, interesting.

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