September 21, 2004
Australia ahead of other countries in not chucking money away on education

Just to say ...

Education seen as cost, not investment

... that I think those doing the seeing (here - free registration required) have a point.

Australia has neglected its financial responsibility on education by not matching the funding increases to schools and universities made by other countries, according to a report released yesterday.

Education people think education should get more money. Stop the Internet, I can't handle the excitement.

"There is only one explanation for this: education has become a lower public priority," the deans say in the report, New Teaching: New Learning. "Despite rhetoric to the contrary, education is presently viewed as a cost rather than an investment by Australian politicians."

"New" teaching and "new" learning sounds like it's all going to cost a lot more, very soon. Just how much of an "investment" it will be, on the other hand …

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 11:49 AM
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