September 01, 2004
Back to school and counting my blessings

Yes, here I am, back at the chalk face, as promised, just like lots of others.

I had in mind to do a piece about the cruelty of the English weather, which has just turned good after several weeks of wetness, but instead I resume with a link to a count your blessings story, this time about a bunch of school kids in southern Russia who have been kidnapped by an armed gang of (presumably – unless they're disgruntled alumni) Chechen anti-government fighters/terrorists/bandits/freedom fighters/whatevers. They are threatening a kill ratio of fifty kids for every hostage holder killed by the forces of law and order.

Kind of puts in perspective stories like this about the maternal agonies of the first day of school for your kid. Or for that matter stories like the recently media-dominant claim that A-levels are now too easy. (Here is a link to Chris Woodhead saying just this several years ago. He's one of many.)

The blogging pause has been a success. I wouldn't say I am now gung-ho with edublogthusiasm. But I was getting rather blogged out when I stopped, and was neglecting fundamental organisational tasks which I am now tackling better. It was all a good experience, both the regular blogging and the break from it, and a tiny taste of what being a regular teacher must be like and of why teachers need holidays too. Even if their kids don't get kidnapped by terrorists.

As of now, the rule will be: something (however feeble) every week day, and maybe other stuff on Saturdays and Sundays, depending on my mood and thought processes.

However, and it may be a big however, I am still having mysterious internet connection problems. (Fifteen minutes ago I was in despair about even being able to put this posting up.) So although the plan is normal service, service may actually be somewhat abnormal for a while yet.

Good luck in and best wishes for the coming academic year to all of my readers for whom such wishes make any sense.

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