September 10, 2004
Broadband education

No surprise here:

Broadband is having a marked impact on children's education in the UK by helping them make the most of the internet as a research tool.

According to a detailed survey of 50 UK families by the Future Foundation, two-thirds of children with broadband access are spending more time using the internet for academic purposes, including research and revision.

Yes. The very same electric boxes, which, in their first form, television, wrought such educational havoc, are now, in their later and more civilised and wordy form, helping to sort out the mess.

Broadband has certainly been a huge education for me.

Just done a big Samizdata piece of the sort which a couple of months ago I thought I might be incapable of ever again, and am busy for the rest of the day, so that may be all here. So maybe no more here today, and of course nothing promised over the weekend, but have a nice one.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 01:49 PM
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