September 23, 2004

The other night I had a virtual conversation (the mechanics of which I hope to blog more about Real Soon Now – but which for the moment I will ignore) with the Dissident Frogman, who is the man who designed - and more to the point engineered (so to speak) - this blog. I finally told him about the Comment Problem, and, fingers crossed, he has now fixed it.

The Comment Problem has been about number four or five on my list of Important Things To Do for as long as it has existed, and I apologise profusely to all those who have been hit by it, and in general for taking so long to deal with it. If deal with it I have. What happens is, you post a comment, with all the numbers, like you are supposed to, and instead of sticking it up, it comes back at you with some snarky irrelevance about how you have done it all wrong, and you say: well to hell with that no more comments from me at this damn place.

But, the other night, I told me he had found something wrong with the set-up of the Comment System. He didn't know how it had happened, but he had, he said, fixed it. Which sounds promising, I think you will agree.

Here's what I suggest. I will append a string of comments to this posting, with a view to seeing if anything goes wrong, and if you want to check out if things have been fixed, try posting comments here too. The more there are, from more people, the more grateful I will be. Then, if (IF) nothing untoward happens, I will declare the system working (touch wood and hope to die blah blah blah) and invite the resumption of comments of substance, on other postings.

Once again, my apologies for this craziness. I don't know who's or what's fault it was originally, but the delay in sorting it was definitely down to me. However, as I say, with luck, touch wood, it may now have been solved. As I also say, thanks in advance to any who join me in checking this out.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 02:55 PM
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