September 18, 2004
If you do Edexcel GCSE maths you don't have to excel

I claim no expertise in the whole exams-are-getting-easier debate. I merely suspect, like lots of others, that they are. But this does sound seriously ridiculous:

Pupils were awarded A grades in one of Britain's most popular GCSE maths exams this summer despite having only achieved half marks.

Students needed to score just 45 per cent in two exams to achieve an A grade in an exam set by the Edexcel board. Combined with their coursework scores, this meant that just 51 per cent was needed overall.

The papers were sat by 80,000 pupils this summer and more than half got an A or A*. The figures were condemned as "ludicrous" by maths experts.

So, if you are concocting your CV, and you have GCSEs on it that are not Edexcel GCSEs, be sure to say so. On the other hand if they are Edexcels, keep quiet about it.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 07:21 PM
Category: Examinations and qualifications