November 01, 2004
Education related violence around the world

Here's an answer to the bullying problem:

UTSUNOMIYA – A 23-year-old unemployed man who murdered his former high school classmate has been arrested after he turned himself in, police said.

Tsutomu Yoshihara, from Imaichi, Tochigi Prefecture, said the victim used to bully him at school …

That'll teach him.

Meanwhile, in Fiji, they are fretting about other kinds of violence, by teachers upon pupils:

Such punishment in schools, which are supposed to be custodians of values of peace and tolerance, can only lead to children growing up to become violent adults.

Supposed by whom? Plus, is the next bit actually true? In Britain the rules about teachers attacking pupils have tightened a lot recently, but the resulting adults are not noticeably less violent. More, if anything.

Why can't they just say what they surely think? – which is that adults hitting kids is horrid, and they ought to do a lot less of it.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, the students of the Punjab University are showing the world what they are made of:

THE recent clash between students of the Social Work Department (SWD) at the Punjab University (PU) and Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) activists has raised the question of security for students and teachers, especially females, living on campus. Unfortunately, the PU administration, consisting of retired army personnel and higher authorities including the PU Chancellor, who is also the Punjab governor, and other federal high ups are quiet on the issue.

The incident took place last Tuesday when some students from the Space Science Department (SSD), allegedly involved and backed by IJT, beat up students of the SWD. The SWD chairman saved the students by hiding them inside the library. The incident is a result of the IJT’s attempt to control all PU departments, which is not liked by the majority of the SWD faculty. That is why some 'students' also misbehaved with some teachers, leading to tension in the Academic Staff Association.

Sounds like a Tom Sharpe novel.

This, meanwhile, turned out to be less exciting than the headline.

PROPOSALS to build 10 all-weather floodlit pitches has divided a community because of yobs.

Residents attended a meeting on Friday about the plans to build the astroturf pitches near Whitchurch High School in Cardiff.

The school would have use of them before 4pm and they would then be available for community use and for the capital’s five-a-side football league in the evening.

Some residents on neighbouring Clos Treoda and Glan y Nant terrace worry that the pitches will be a magnet for loud youths causing trouble at night and cause car parking chaos.

But many think these facilities are what is needed to keep youngsters out of trouble.

I think that many have a point. Gathering young people together to do something improving to them, no matter how improving it is, is not a complete answer to society's problems if, after a couple of hours of improving them, you then spit them out in a great gang onto the streets, at nine o'clock at night.

More educationa related violence news, from Israel, South Africa, Wales (again – the real thing this time), and of course the USA (most of that is USA stuff).

Have a nice week.

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