November 22, 2004
Expanding GEM

GEM has been mentioned here before, although I think I called it Gems before, which is surely wrong. Anyway, now here's a BBC report about their expansion in England:

The largest chain of private schools in England has bought into the state sector for the first time.

Gems – or Global Education Management Systems - has taken over a group set up to turn around failing state schools.

It recently took over a chain of independent schools, offering what it calls a cheaper, "no-frills" approach to private education at its 13 schools in England.

The company, set up by a Dubai millionaire, has 50 schools worldwide.

It is taking over a non-profit company called 3E's which was the first private firm to be awarded a contract to open and manage a state school.

3E's was brought in to set up Bexley Business Academy in Kent and has a 10-year contract from Surrey Council to run two schools in the county.

It was originally set up as a subsidiary of the successful and oversubscribed Kingshurst City Technology College, Solihull.

A new profit-making company, 3E-Gems Ltd, has been set up to take over 3E's' existing work and bid for other contracts in the state sector.

A trust is being set up to put some of the profits back into the education sector, it says.

Any mixture of state and private sector activity can go awfully wrong, with the private sector only making the state more efficient at churning out the wrong things. Nevertheless … interesting.

And that may be your lot for today. Today it is a Paradise Primary again (before which I have many other things to attend to), and after that I will be socialising. Don't you just hate it when you have a life? It gets in the way of blogging something terrible.

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