November 07, 2004
"Homeschooled children are usually self-starters …"

This article is getting attention from fellow ed-bloggers (here and here).

Final sentences:

… One of the real benefits of homeschooling is that the student learns from the beginning that his/her education is his/her responsibility and not the responsibility of the parent/teacher. Homeschooled children are usually self-starters who are very flexible. They learn to do research, to look for information on their own, and to make good use of whatever resources are available. As a result, they are able to educate themselves far beyond the level of the typical public schooled child.

I am about to become a lowest-possible-form-of teacher. Consent is one prejudice I bring to this. Another is that teaching means inflaming and then encouraging and assisting the above quality, of self-starterdom. In practice that means: when they are concentrating on learning something that they have chosen to learn do not interrupt.

Like consent, an easier rule to expound than to follow. We shall see.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait at 12:53 PM
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