November 19, 2004
Politically correct segregation

I planned to have only one posting today, and I always try to avoid the USA, what with there being so many USA education bloggers covering their stuff themselves, but this BBC story is too good to miss:


Are pupils at the world's first "gay" state school victims of segregation or symbols of progressive thinking?


The majority of pupils at Harvey Milk High School in New York are gay and were bullied at their previous school for their sexuality.

Harvey Milk refuses to be classified as a "gay school" even though that is the general perception of it from opponents and supporters alike. But it says its unique brand of segregated education fully deserves its public funding.

It says it provides for a small population of victimised and bullied pupils who are made to feel so freakish in mainstream high schools that they are falling behind in lessons, too scared to go to school and missing out on a proper education.


I am strongly inclined to favour that most extreme form of segregation that consists in children only going to schools they like going to, and teachers only teaching children they liked teaching. If that happened, segregation of all kinds would probably flourish.

So, this strikes me as a quite big step in the right direction. It insinuates a Political Incorrect (i.e. correct) idea into the minds of people who are otherwise only capable of thinking Politically Correctly (i.e. incorrectly). Good.

At its heart is the entirely correct idea that the answer to bullying – the only answer if you rule out punishment of bullies violently enough to make them desist – is to separate bullies from their victims.

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