November 16, 2004
Sustainable edu-blogging?

My good friend Adriana has emailed me about a blog posting entitled BLOGs: are they the new holy grail in education?, which has obvious Brian's Education Blog relevance.

It is the work of an academic at something called the European Center of Knowledge Management. At one point he uses the phrase "sustainable development" without any sneering. Personally, I think that the only sustainable development worth a damn is a series of unsustainable developments laid end to end. Also, his commenters (his students – I'm guessing) get into the usual guilt-ridden flap about whether the Internet increases inequality. Answer: make internet connections even cheaper, and even less dependent than now upon complicated and unguardable fixed infrastructure. In other words, let capitalism carry on moving rapidly in the direction which it is now moving rapidly in anyway.

But, these ideological complaints aside, this is worth a look, if only to learn about how blogging is getting around, and how all manner of people are sensing that they could use it too. The comments are particularly good for sampling that particular atmosphere.

This, for me, was the most interesting paragraph:

Today, more than ever before, I am convinced that virtual learning has a bright future, particularly since it allows each and every learner to develop his own learning path, fully adapted to each individual's context. At least that is what virtual learning is able to do, which does not automatically mean that all what we call today e-learning fits this definition. Well designed virtual learning allows for diversity in learning, eventually allowing almost individualised education. In order to develop more accessible educational facilities in deprived regions or amongst the less fortunate, virtual learning has a huge potential.

I think he is quite right about the way the Internet individualises education.

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