December 01, 2004
Two educational postings at the SAU blog

A posting today at the SAU blog is by one of my favourite educational commentators, Francis Gilbert. It is basically a written down version of what he said on this occasion.

Gilbert supplies his own summary:

As a consequence of my encounter with the state education system, I believe that there are five policy changes that might begin to solve our country's educational problems.

1. Take the education system out of state control;
2. Allow schools to set their own admissions policies;
3. Disband the National Curriculum;
4. Introduce a standardized reliable series of external tests; and
5. Offer improved child care facilities to the parents of very young children.

That shouldn't take long!

And while you're at the SAU blog, check out Elaine Sternberg's review of Alan Bennett's play The History Boys, now in repertory at the National Theatre.

While embedding the links into the above verbiage, I noted that the Samizdata piece I did after attending Gilbert's SAU talk, and the Bennett play, are both, centrally about the matter of the measurability and the immeasurability of education. Bennett argues that the immeasurable shouldn't be neglected, and I argued that immeasurability is no excuse to put the government in charge of everything.

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